Monday Blues Cure


I think we can all agree that after an amazing weekend, the last thing we want is to get up on a freezing cold morning, that’s tippling down with rain and get ready for that horrid commute to the workplace. In fact I think we would all agree that just once, we’d all like to wake up, turn on the news and hear ‘Monday has been cancelled, go back to sleep’. As this is something that particularly in my experience never happens I think what we really need is a good old cure for the Monday Blues:

Monday Blues – (hungoverius et Knackeredicus)

Most Common Signs and Symptoms:

  •  Easily agitated and very irritable
  • Headache – bordering on migraine proportionseaHead
  • A deep sense of longing for the weekend – usually culminating in a mental count of just how many ‘sleeps’ there are to next weekend
  • A rapidly decreasing tolerance for the delightful chap at the back of the bus who insists on sharing his rather tinny version of the latest happy hardcore ‘tune’ on the morning commute
  • Your fellow co-workers are all too keen to share far too much about their personal lives and at a seemingly rather loud volume

Effective Treatments:

  • Caffeine – whatever your poison whether it be Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Sweet Caramel Macchiato or a straight up large Americano, caffeine is the key and in times like these your friend.
  • Indulgence – why not treat yourself to that tempting cupcake or slice? A 5 minute indulgence with a sugar kick to boot


It has been ascertained that those who opt for the caffeine and/or indulgence treatments often feel less groggy and more accepting of their current situations within an hour of consumption.

If all else fails take heart in knowing that at least it’s only Monday once a week.


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