Make Up Art


Having seen an article in the Metro Newspaper yesterday about this woman and her mad Make Up Artistry skills, I just had to share it. We all know that when fancy dressing, painting your face and adding prosthetics etc is such a great way to make your costume more lifelike and give it that extra added edge, well this woman has taken it to a level all of her own! Recreating herself into famous faces, this is most definitely worth a look.I just wish I had this lady as part of my make up kit for before every fancy dress party.

Take a look at this fabulous article by clicking on the link below:


Stockings Galore!


Summer is nearly here, bringing with it the excitement of Festivals, the Hen Party Season and lots of Fancy Dressing fun in the summertime sun! This is the perfect excuse for us ladies to get more daring with our costumes and add that gorgeous, sexy edge we all desire with some stockings.

Stockings are a great accessory which when put on make us instantly feel much more sexier and with the wealth of designs that are now available to us we are sure to find the right pair that will both complement and complete that fancy dress outfit we are dying to wear whether it be a Sexy Nurse, Sailor or Queen of Hearts.

Here in the Fancy Crafting office we think that all ladies – whatever their budget – should be able to accessorise their outfits with some fabulous stockings and have therefore reduced the price of our hosiery items in our eBay outlet store.

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